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    Children: Discipline and the Disapprovers

    Parenting is a difficult job. And anyone out there who is a parent will understand both the physical and mental energy that is required to raise a child. The level of responsibility involved is enormous. We are given these tiny little human beings to take care of, these little blank canvases who have yet to experience anything of the world around them and we are supposed to teach and nurture them how to live in that world being good and decent people.

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    Kids and Avoiding the Creation of Stereotypes

    Ever since my four year old daughter started school last September, I can’t help but notice that she has been passing a lot of comments about boys and girls, what they do and what they like. I hear a lot of “That’s only for boys” and “No Mum, girls don’t like watching that, that’s just for boys”. It seems that she is hearing a lot of this in the classroom and as a result she is already beginning to categorise boys into one area and girls into another. So even though she is only four years old, I can see how aware she is of everything that she sees and…

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    Did you ever find that having children all of a sudden made you very reflective about your own life? Even back at the very beginning when you were first expecting your baby? I think the very prospect of bringing new life into the world, a life that you will be responsible for suddenly helps put things into perspective for us all. You begin to ask yourself questions such as - Am I happy with where I am in my life? Have I achieved everything I wanted to? Or are there are still things in life that I would like to accomplish?

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    Self – Sabotage And The Desperate Quest For Attention

    We are going through a phase at the moment with our two little girls where it seems like they will do anything, almost anything to get both mine and my husband's attention, including injuring themselves. Don't get me wrong I am not talking about anything serious, it’s more small things like tripping on the floor, banging a hand on the table or especially in my four year old's case banging her toe against something. Nothing to cause serious harm but enough to warrant a bout of crying and more importantly being picked up and hugged.

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    The Case Of The Untouched Lunchbox

    My daughter started school seven weeks ago and after a rocky start which involved trying to get her to go into the actual building and convince her that her new teacher wasn't a complete monster, she has now completely settled and, wait for it - she likes it!! Yes, it happened. She likes the place now and looks forward to going every day. And not only that, she is beginning to make friends. So it is all coming together very well on the school front - apart from one small (or not so small) obstacle. Almost every day she is coming home with an untouched lunchbox. Some days are better…