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    Marriage – What Makes A ‘Husband’ And What Makes A ‘Wife’?

    I can't help but sit and wonder sometimes about the condition of my marriage and where exactly it lies in terms of 'equality'. There is no doubt that we have a far more progressive approach to our relationship than say my mum and dad did with theirs but sometimes when I compare my marriage to theirs (and I don't like admitting this), there are far more similarities between us than I would like to see.

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    White Chocolate Cheesecake

    My husband has been talking for almost two weeks about this cheesecake, to the point where he was no longer dropping hints, they were more like anvils! Actually it became pretty obvious the day he turned to me in a pleading voice and begged the words "Please make me a white chocolate cheesecake!!". He was on his hands and knees at the time, hugging my legs - how could I refuse? So here we are. I won't lie to you, it's a very rich and decadent dessert but also completely delicious. A real indulgence. So this is dedicated to you husband dearest (don't say I never do anything for you…

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    Someday We Will Hear The Music Again (And The T.V.)

    I have a noise issue in my house - the issue being that I can't hear anything. The radio, the TV , my husband when he is talking to me...it's absolutely crazy at times. A constant barrage of sound travelling through the house and you can't get away from it because it comes in the form of two little girls who follow you wherever you go.

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    The Fairytale Conundrum – Do Our Daughters Really Need Rescuing?

    My four year old daughter Millie is at a stage right now where she is completely obsessed with princesses. You will frequently see her walking around our house dressed as either Rapunzel or Cinderella (donning a pair of my high heels) and for her birthday this year we had a princess-themed birthday party. From this she was given a lovely collection of fairy tales from her Nanna so now many nights when she is getting ready for bed she will choose one of these to be her bedtime story.

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    From Cute To Irritating – The Transition From Three To Four

    I wouldn't say that it's something I noticed overnight but I began to slowly see after my daughter approached her third birthday that things were beginning to change, especially within my family. I started to notice that they were seeing her a little differently and ultimately giving her a bit less attention (or maybe just a different kind of attention). Basically I could see that she was starting to lose her 'cuteness'.

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    Light Wholemeal Scones

    My daughters loves these scones and they are so unbelievably easy to make. I normally send one with my four year old in her lunchbox for school. They are a great snack and are very filling. Also they are not full of sugar, which a lot of shop – bought and bakery scones tend to be (which is why they are so tempting and delicious, especially the fresh bakery ones!). Instead I put a tablespoon of honey into these and I’m not kidding, they are just as nice if not nicer. I make them nearly every weekend and they disappear fast!

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    Savoury Potato Wedges

    These potato wedges are so incredibly easy to prepare and cook, I have never gone back to buying store-bought ones. Ten minutes is all it takes and they are ready to go into the oven.

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    It’s Not My Money, It’s Our Money

    One of the toughest things I went through after I gave up working to become a stay-at-home mum was the loss of independence. I had been earning my own money since I was fifteen years old. I always had a part-time job during school.

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    What Is A Housewife Anyway?

    When I first decided to sit down and write about my daily life, one of the first things I thought was – ok I have to give myself a name, a title, because this trip that I'm about to embark on deserves a little pomp, a little grandeur. Why not? So after quite a bit of deliberation, I decided on 'The Desperate Housewife'.

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    First Trip To The Dentist!

    I took my daughter Millie for her first visit to the dentist on Saturday – and wow did that turn out to be a slightly stressful experience. Looking back now maybe I was being a bit naïve about the whole thing but I definitely was brought back down to earth, and fast.

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    Why A Mother Is Never Fully Listening To You

    You may have noticed, especially if you are married to one, that a mother is (most of the time) not fully listening to you. If you try talking to her when the kids are around you will notice that she rarely keeps eye contact with you. She probably nods her head and makes "mm-hmm" noises as you are telling her a story, all the while her eyes are darting all over the place like a wide-eyed eagle.

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    You Burned My Nut Roast – The Art of Not Listening

    I’m sure most people out there are familiar with the term ‘The Art of Listening’ or have at least encountered it at some stage in their lives. For those who have not it refers to the invaluable skill of being able to hear, and not only to hear but to take that information in, allow the brain to process it and sometimes (not always) react to that information. However sometimes it is not necessary to do anything really, just being there to listen and hear someone can be enough. Other times though it is necessary to do something. And yet, this doesn’t always happen. Some people out there have not…

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    Vegetarian Enchiladas

    This is definitely at the top of the list of most popular dinners in my house. You always know when everyone is really enjoying their food at our kitchen table because nobody speaks - there is blissful silence for about fifteen minutes! On the plus side they are so easy to prepare and in just over half an hour you can be dishing them onto plates. Fantastic! For this very reason I normally opt for them if I am stuck for time or a bit tired and don't fancy spending over an hour in the kitchen. Trust me they are delicious and will never let you down!

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    Vegetarian Lasagne

    This lasagne is delicious and with sauces made from scratch. Yes I can see some of you frowning but honestly, and I cannot say this enough - it really doesn't take that long. And it is absolutely worth that extra bit of effort. I always make two at a time - a vegetarian one for me and a meat-filled one for my carnivore hubby (exactly the same only with mince added). If you are a lover of vegetables, the wonderfully versatile thing about the vegetarian lasagne is that you can add almost anything to it, there are no set rules when choosing what vegetables to put in. This dish tends…

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    Oh Pelvic Floor – You And I Are Friends No More!

    Ever since the birth of my second daughter two years ago let's just say that I have had a topsy-turvy relationship with a certain district of my body, otherwise known as my pelvic floor. Because the truth is (and I’m sure a lot of us will admit to this) that this was the area that got abandoned and completely forgotten about. But as a result I can tell you that I have been paying the price for it.

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    The Case Of The Untouched Lunchbox

    My daughter started school seven weeks ago and after a rocky start which involved trying to get her to go into the actual building and convince her that her new teacher wasn't a complete monster, she has now completely settled and, wait for it - she likes it!! Yes, it happened. She likes the place now and looks forward to going every day. And not only that, she is beginning to make friends. So it is all coming together very well on the school front - apart from one small (or not so small) obstacle. Almost every day she is coming home with an untouched lunchbox. Some days are better…

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    Frozen Fever – Please Make It Stop Singing!!

    It's funny that I recently wrote a piece on the noise issues in my house because just last night I was leafing through a shelf looking for pillow covers when I stumbled across an Elsa doll hidden underneath some sheets. Innocently I took her down and put her on the ground without thinking. I knew I hadn't put her up there so I assumed my husband must have at some stage but never for one moment questioned why.

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    Accepting That My Body Has Changed

    It has been almost twenty two months now since I gave birth to my second daughter and I always believed that with time, when I finally got the chance to focus on my diet and do some exercise, that I would be able to lose the baby weight and regain my shape. But it hasn’t exactly happened yet. And it is only now that I am finally beginning to realise that my body may never go back to the way it used to be.